Does Sea Foam work with synthetic oil? [SOLVED]

I work at an auto parts store and have a question about Sea Foam and High Mileage.  If a customer buys synthetic motor oil and the oil has cleaning additives, is there still a need to use a Sea Foam treatment to help clean the oil crankcase?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

That’s a great question to ask Pat! The quick answer is yes, any crankcase with synthetic oil will definitely benefit when you add Sea Foam (or High Mileage).

How Sea Foam works in conventional and synthetic oil:

Synthetic and conventional engine oils are both derived from petroleum base oils. The key difference is that synthetic oil is higher-refined in order to remove impurities. The molecules in Synthetic oil are more uniform in size and weight, which allows synthetic oil to last longer before it starts to break down. Detergents and dispersants are added to help prevent deposits from forming during the oil life. Those are good things!

However, as more miles are added to an interval, synthetic oil progressively deteriorates to form the same varnish, resins, sludge, fuel soot and acids as conventional oil. Remember that we change our oil because it wears out and gets dirty!

When Sea Foam is added toward the end of the oil interval, it works to clean by liquefying all of that contamination and crud back into the fluid oil phase so everything can drain away easily when we change our oil. Hope this was helpful!