How to clean a Jet Ski carburetor [SOLVED]

Can I use Sea Foam Spray in a premix fuel engine? I have to premix the fuel in my Jet Ski and seem to be having some carb issues.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Jay. The quick answer is yes, you can use Sea Foam Spray on a premix (oil & gas) engine. But… let’s back up a bit so we are on the same page when it comes to carburetor trouble. A lot of people mistakenly think a “carb cleaner” works by cleaning a carburetor through the air intake/carburetor throat. If you spray any carb cleaner into the air intake throat of a Jet-Ski 2-stroke, the cleaner goes immediately through an inlet port and directly into the combustion chamber – the cleaner will never pass through the engine’s carburetor. In order to clean the actual carburetor where the fuel passes through a sequence of needle/seat, jet, float bowl, nozzle/venturi, a cleaner like Sea Foam (or Marine PRO) must be mixed with the gasoline in the tank. The best thing you can do to help a Jet Ski carburetor: To clean your carburetor’s fuel passageways, add a high concentration (dump half to a whole can) of Sea Foam (or Marine PRO) into your Jet Ski’s gas when the tank is low…run the engine for 10 minutes…then shut it off to soak overnight…take it for a spin the next day and you should be good-to-go. [Supposing a varnish restriction problem, which is the most common cause of carburetor issues – Sea Foam liquefies and clears away heavy/sticky carburetor varnish.]

Sea Foam Spray note: A Jet Ski is a 2-stroke engine, so the intake air mixes with atomized fuel (after passing through the carburetor) and goes straight into the chamber through an inlet port. Sea Foam Spray can be used to clean the combustion chamber areas, but won’t pass through the carburetor. Your Jet Ski issue is a job for Sea Foam or Marine PRO!