Don’t use Sea Foam Spray in a diesel intake [SOLVED]

Why can’t Sea Foam Spray be used in a diesel intake? I have a lot of carbon build up from the EGR and want to remedy some of it.

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5 months ago

Are you sure about causing the runaway? If you spray too much, you will notice revs building and therefore give you a sign when to stop. In terms of adding this to intake while engine is running, it works like fuel…be it gasoline or diesel…it will simply burn off and no it will not cause runaways if you are careful.

Conner Kranz
5 months ago
Reply to  Pete

Hi Pete – thanks for the question. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is capable of running a diesel engine without the presence of diesel fuel. Sea Foam Spray is Sea Foam Motor Treatment in an aerosol can. The threat of runaway is definitely there, and we do not recommend using Sea Foam Spray in diesel engines, regardless of user skill or knowledge.