Accidentally added Trans Tune to my crankcase oil [SOLVED]

Hey Jim,

I accidently added about 4 oz of Trans Tune to my engine instead of my transmission. Will my engine be OK or do I need to replace the oil?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Larkin,

No worries – Trans Tune added to fuel or oil won’t cause any harm. Though it’s formulated to clean transmission fluid residues, it’s similar to Sea Foam Motor Treatment and won’t hurt your engine. It will actually help to clean your oil crankcase!

Nothing to do but drive as normal until your next oil change interval.

George Lawrence Jr
George Lawrence Jr
1 year ago

I made a mistake and added Sea Foam Motor Treatment to my transmission. Will it hurt the engine?

9 months ago

I accidentally added Sea Foam Motor Treatment to my transmission instead of Trans Tune. Will this mess up my transmission?

Conner Kranz
Conner Kranz
9 months ago
Reply to  Joey

Hey Joey,

Nothing to worry about – Sea Foam Motor Treatment is safe in a transmission and will actually work to clean and condition.