How long should I let Sea Foam Spray soak in my Honda Accord [SOLVED]

I plan on using Sea Foam Spray on my 2013 Honda Accord 2.4L and am wondering if a longer soak time would be harmful or not as effective?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

That’s a great question Nathan. As you will see on the can, we recommend a 10-minute hot soak time. If you let things soak longer just understand that sustaining the upper engine heat makes it a lot easier to push out the treatment concentration when you’re ready to run the engine again. Keep in mind that a lot of mechanics let engines soak overnight or longer, or remove spark plugs and spray into cylinder cavities before multi-day soaks (yes, there are benefits incl cleaning stubborn rings or plugged oil expanders). So, the hotter the engine remains after the soak time, the easier it is to get back to normal running. Be prepared for a colder engine more time to get its rhythm back. If you’re interested in optimizing max cleanings, etc, you can do multiple treatments spaced apart whether back-to-back, hours or days apart. Hope this helps!