The best way to use Sea Foam on Honda VT500C Shadow motorcycle to clean valves [SOLVED]

I have a 1985 Honda VT500C Shadow Motorcycle, 500cc V4 engine. We just got it running again. One of the intake valves is sticking. I already have Sea Foam in the fuel to clean out the carbs during operation. Would it be advisable to use in the oil crankcase as well? Will it have any adverse effects on the wet clutches?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Great questions Matthew. 3 tips for your motorcycle: 1. Run Sea Foam in fuel to keep the carburetor circuits clean and lubricated. Seems you’re good there… 2. Adding Sea Foam to crankcase oil (yes, including a wet clutch) is always helpful and important. 3. For getting intake valves cleaned up and seating correctly, treat the upper engine with Sea Foam Spray through the carburetor throat.

Do this: Run the engine for 5 minutes, then shut off and remove the air cleaner… Then start the engine in neutral, have a helper hold the throttle steady while you spray bursts of Sea Foam Spray into the carburetor throat (there’s a red straw that comes with the can – cut to 7 inches or so and insert into the throat opening). With the throttle held 1,500 RPM over idle, spray in long bursts until half the can is empty, then shut off. Let engine cool and remove plugs to let sit overnight to soak. When ready to run again, place plugs, start and let run for 5 minutes, then take a short ride to burn off the dissolved upper engine residue.