How many milliliters of Sea Foam to clean injectors? [SOLVED]

It is the first time that I am going to use an injector cleaner. My car has a 1300cc engine and a 40 liter gas tank. How many milliliters or ounces should I use for a good cleaning?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

For cleaning, the best way to use Sea Foam is to add a full can to a low tank of fuel. In your case, run the fuel down to about 8 liters, add a full can of Sea Foam, and drive at least 30km before refilling your fuel tank.

That gives the high concentration of Sea Foam a chance to clean. The high concentration approach is the fastest and most efficient way to clean an engine with Sea Foam. And remember that Sea Foam is made with 100% safe petroleum cleaning and lubricating ingredients, so you can use that volume without worry. Works really great to clean deposits and residues.

Hope that helps!