How much Sea Foam Motor Treatment is too much? [SOLVED]

How do you know if you used too much Sea Foam Motor Treatment?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Sergio.  Sea Foam can be used in both fuel and oil.

Sea Foam in FUEL: When added to tank fuel, you cannot add too much. Sea Foam is made from petroleum and there’s nothing about it that can cause harm to fuel system components or engine parts. In fact, the more you add to fuel, the better it cleans and lubricates. If you’re worried that you added too much, add more fuel to your tank.

Sea Foam in OIL: When adding to oil, do not exceed 1.5 ounces per quart of oil in a vehicle’s crankcase. If you’re worried that you added too much, replace the oil.

Hope we covered your question!