How much Sea Foam should I put in my oil crankcase [SOLVED]

How much Sea Foam should I put in my oil crankcase?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the question Kyle! Here are some quick instructions on how much Sea Foam to add to oil:

  • Add 1 oz for each quart of oil in the crankcase.
  • Remove the oil filler cap and pour the recommended amount of Sea Foam directly into the engine crankcase. Do not do more than one Sea Foam treatment per oil change interval!
  • For the best cleaning, drive 100 to 300 miles before the oil/filter change, though Sea Foam can be added at any time between oil changes.

In your oil, Sea Foam liquefies heavier petroleum residues and deposits back into fluid so everything drains away when it’s time to replace the oil and filter. This cleans residues that will otherwise build in a crankcase to restrict oil flow and lubrication. Sea Foam works!

Double H
Double H
6 months ago

I threw a whole can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment in my with my oil. How bad is this??

Conner Kranz
6 months ago
Reply to  Double H

We get this question a lot. You want to have no more than 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil in the oil crankcase (don’t exceed 1 ounce per quart). We recommend changing the oil as soon as you can. Sea Foam is made with 100% petroleum oils that lubricate and clean, so you’re always adding petroleum ingredients to petroleum fuel or motor oil. No engine damage should occur, but you’ll want to change the oil as soon as you can. Hope this helps!