How Sea Foam Motor Treatment can protect from ethanol gunk build up [SOLVED]

Does Sea Foam Motor Treatment have the stability properties to protect a stored engine from ethanol gunk build up?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Jared.  I think our quick answer is yes, but how about this answer?:  The idea to ‘stabilize’ fuel is to prevent fuel molecules from becoming ‘unstable’. In fuel blended with ethyl alcohol (ethanol), it’s only the petroleum molecules that become unstable when exposed to oxygen. Unstable petroleum molecules turn to heavier gum that suspends in the liquid fuel. Gum in fuel begets sticky varnish residues that allow unburned carbon ash to build and form harmful engine deposits. Ultimately, Sea Foam in fuel will not allow gums to form, heading off the entire chain of problems. It also doesn’t matter whether ethanol or non-ethanol; all types and quality grades of gasoline can become unstable and turn to ‘gunk’.