How to add Trans Tune to power steering fluid [SOLVED]

I bought a can of Trans Tune and watched one of your Youtube videos that showed to add 6 oz into the power steering fluid reservoir. Then it said to run the engine for 20 mins and turn the steering wheel every 3-4 mins which I did. It then said to suck out the power steering fluid and add fresh fluid, which I did. But then another video said to add the 6 oz to the reservoir and that was it. Which is correct? And if the last way is correct, should I add another 6 oz of TransTune to the resevoir with the new power steering fluid? My car is a 1996 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Lisa. We (Sea Foam company) only have one Trans Tune video that specifically covers how to add to power steering fluid. The video covers two versions of instructions:  (1) you can simply add 6 ounces as a conditioner that can work for the continued life of the fluid – just pour it in if the fluid level isn’t too high. (2) If your fluid level is high or overfilled, remove 6 ounces of power steering fluid before adding 6 ounces of Trans Tune to prevent overfill. Being that I’m not familiar with the other video (there are thousands of Sea Foam product topic videos we don’t have anything to do with), it seems to describe how to use Trans Tune as a pre-flush before having your power steering fluid replaced. In any case, it appears you added correctly if meant to use as a conditioner or to help remove fluid varnish. Nothing to do.