The best way to clear up surface fog using Deep Creep [SOLVED]

I read a comment on Sea Foam Official (Youtube) where an individual claimed Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Deep Creep work great to clean plastic headlight lenses on his vehicles. His question was responded to and the Sea Foam guy said yes that Sea Foam and Deep Creep are known for clearing up the surface fog. ┬áMy question is how do you use it? I’ve never heard of that before. Please let me know what you think either way I would appreciate it. Thank you very much!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Harry. I’m going to favor Deep Creep here because it’s easier to work. Yes, it’s well-known by mechanics, detailer shops and others that Sea Foam or Deep Creep can work very well to clean tarnished plastic surfaces, including older headlight lenses with foggy surface residue. All you need to do is wipe (use a cloth) or spray (Deep Creep) it on the lens surface, let it sit for a few seconds, then wipe away all the oil (both products are made from petroleum oil) with a clean cloth. If it works the lenses will improve immediately. It’s a quick and easy method and results may vary… but worth a try! Keep in mind that there are other remedies you can evaluate based on expectations.