How to get piston rings unstuck on your engine [SOLVED]

I have couple of piston rings stuck on my 78 F150 460ci engine. What’s the best way to use Deep Creep for that? Should I just put it in the engine oil or spray the tops of the pistons thru the spark plug cavity? And will it help to add Sea Foam to the oil crankcase?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Those are great questions Ad’an. I would eyeball half can of Sea Foam into the oil crankcase, which will work (as you drive) to clean the stuck piston rings from the oil side. To clean from the topside, I would remove the plugs, spray a healthy burst of Sea Foam Spray into each cylinder cavity. With Sea Foam Spray soaking on the tops of the pistons, let the engine sit with the plugs out for 3 days. Each day add another burst of spray to each cylinder and crank the engine for a few seconds to move things around. After 3 days, put the plugs back in and start it up. Repeat the whole process on occasion to help clean more of the ring buildup as you go. It works!

3 years ago

Remove any leftover seafoam that is in the cylinders, if you do not do this step you can hydrolock the engine or bend a rod!

Brian Miller
2 years ago
Reply to  Burak

We agree that it’s important to be aware of hydrolock whenever adding a liquid to cylinders. In this case, there is only a minimal amount of liquid in the cylinder and the open plug holes relieve any possibility of compressing the piston movement, so no concern.