The best way to treat the fuel and oil in a Harley Davidson [SOLVED]

Hi, is Sea Foam okay to use in my v-twin Harley Davidson’s motor? If so, how should I split up the ounces if I want to treat both the fuel tank and oil with the same 16 ounce can?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the question Mark. Yes, it’s very okay to use Sea Foam in your Harley’s fuel and motor oil. For dividing the 16 ounces I would add 1 ounce per quart of oil to the crankcase, then pour the rest of the can into a partial or low tank and ride as normal. After that, add to oil every interval… and one or two ounces of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel every few fill-ups will help keep things straight.

Mike T
Mike T
2 years ago

All these answers are non-specific as to which type of Sea Foam is being used. Can you please mention which type you’re speaking about (i.e. motor treatment, top engine, high mileage, etc…)?

Conner Kranz
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike T

Thanks for the clarification prompt, Mike – good question!

In this case, Sea Foam Motor Treatment is the product referred to.

A few quick notes on the other products and what they can be used in:
– Sea Foam Motor Treatment works great in any gas or diesel engine.
– High Mileage and Sea Foam Spray (top engine treatment) are for gasoline engines only.

High Mileage would also be a great choice in this case!