How to use Sea Foam IC5 Fuel Injector [SOLVED]

I just bought two bottles of Sea Foam fuel injector cleaner at AutoZone. Is the fuel injector cleaner different or do I use it the same way as Sea Foam Motor Treatment?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the question Todd.  IC5 fuel injector is NOT the same as Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Even though both products work to clean and lubricate fuel injectors, Sea Foam Motor Treatment also works to stabilize fuel and dissolve suspended fuel gum & varnish deposits in fuel & oil systems.

  • Use IC5 Fuel Injector Cleaner as a very easy and effective way to keep fuel injectors clean – anyone can just pour it in their fuel tank on a routine basis and go!
  • Use Sea Foam Motor Treatment to help clean and lubricate engine fuel & oil systems – add regularly to fuel & oil to help engines run smoother and last longer! Add to fuel when storing engine equipment!