How use Sea Foam Spray on my BMW X5 [SOLVED]

I just used Sea Foam Spray for the first time on my 2005 BMW X5 3.0i with 216,000 miles. Much smoke and sputtering along with the service engine light coming on at first then smoothed out great. How often should I do this application or should I repeat now for a thorough cleaning?


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Jim D.
4 years ago

Those are great questions Eric!  We recommend at least two Sea Foam Spray intake treatments a year for regularly driven cars and trucks.  You can also apply as often as you wish, including back-to-back intake treatments, particularly when you think you’re dealing with excessively dirty valves or a vehicle you just bought with higher miles. If you get a check engine light, it’s almost always the engine computer responding to the change in air and fuel or a misfire code. You can expect codes to self-correct after you’ve driven a bit, say 20 miles or less, after the treatment. If a code light stays on, try disconnecting the negative connection on the starter battery, then wait a few seconds to re-attach so the codes can clear out.