Do I have to replace spark plugs after using Sea Foam Spray on my Subaru WRX? [SOLVED]

I am going to use Sea Foam Spray in my Subaru 2.0 turbo WRX. Is it necessary to replace spark plugs after? I really don’t want to.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Good news Ryan!  If applied correctly there is no reason whatsoever to change your plugs after using Sea Foam Spray.  The only way to foul plugs is if you don’t elevate the RPM when applying the product. As the instructions show, keeping the RPM at 2,000 creates a strong draw of air through the intake to allow the product to work fast through the upper engine.  If you were to let down the engine speed, you could end up with too much liquid in a chamber and foul a plug. Hope this helps!