Is Sea Foam safe for O2 and evap sensors [SOLVED]

Would adding Sea Foam harm my 02 sensors and evap sensors? Could it cause a check engine light?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Sea Foam is safe for 02 sensors and evap sensors. It’s made with 100% safe petroleum cleaning and lubricating ingredients, so it can’t harm an engine or any components.

If you’re talking about Sea Foam Spray through the intake, it can cause a misfire code during the treatment. Understand that you’re adding something “unusual” (but perfectly safe) to the upper engine’s fuel and air mix during the cleaning application, so it might take up to 20 post-treatment driving miles for your engine sensors to re-adjust to normal. If the check engine light (CEL) remains, you can disconnect the negative cranking battery connection for a few seconds to clear the CEL. Hope this helps!