Paul in ANDOVER Massachusetts

Hi Jim,
I would like to know if I can apply Sea Foam Spray directly into cold air intake side of the turbo on my GDI engine (Mini Cooper S turbo). I know it’s recommended to spray directly into the throttle body/intake manifold but, on my car the throttle body is buried way in the back between the engine and firewall. On the other hand, the turbo is easily accessible in the front of the engine. So the path it would take is turbo inlet (after MAF of course)–>piping to intercooler–>some more piping leading to eventually to the throttle body/intake manifold to intake valves. My main concern is that the Sea Foam Spray will not harm the turbo (might actually remove some carbon deposits along the way before reaching the intake valves?). A secondary concern is that after that long journey, the spray’s effectiveness on the intake valves is diminished due to the long path it must take.

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Paul. The answer is yes, but the closer you apply the spray to the throttle plate, the better. Go ahead and try the approach you’ve described. Make sure the RPM is steady at 2,000 to help draw the atomized spray toward the intake valves.