Should I clean my crankcase before changing a valve cover gasket? [SOLVED]

Hello. I am getting ready to change a valve cover gasket soon. My engine is burning oil and I think I have gunky buildup. Should I run the Sea Foam in the oil to clean the crankcase before or after I change the gasket?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Collin. Any time you add Sea Foam to your crankcase it’s working to clean away residues and buildup, so you can add both before and after you replace the gasket. Keep in mind that Sea Foam in oil cleans when the oil is hot and circulating, so no need to add if you won’t be running the engine before the gasket replacement. No matter, add Sea Foam every interval after you’ve replaced the gasket – Sea Foam in oil will progressively clean away years of residue buildup that forms in the crankcase! And be sure to keep an eye on your oil consumption after a few intervals of using Sea Foam in the crankcase.