Should I use High Mileage before or after an oil change? [SOLVED]

Hi. I just found out about Sea Foam products. I recently bought a 2014 Lexus GX460 with 80,000 miles on it. The idle raises slightly by itself. The oil was changed with full synthetic oil (0/20W) and the oil change interval is 10,000 miles. I have about 9,800 miles to go before the next change. Can I still pour the Sea Foam High Mileage into the oil now or I do have to wait until the end of the oil change?  Thank you.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Kenny. Even though we recommend adding High Mileage to a crankcase 100 to 300 miles before each oil change, it’s OK to add it any time during the interval. If it’s your first time adding, you can go ahead and add it now. Otherwise, just start the habit of adding when you’re a week or so away from each oil and filter change. The reason we favor toward the end of the interval: When adding Sea Foam or High Mileage to a crankcase it works to reliquefy heavier oil formations back into the fluid oil phase so everything can drain away when changing the old oil.