Use Sea Foam in snowblower or run tank dry each time [SOLVED]

I just purchased an Ariens snowblower. Where I live we don’ t have ethanol free fuel. I was told three different ways for fueling the machine. 1. Use fresh 91 octane fuel to be purchased just prior to the storm. Then use whatever is left in the car. Run it dry at the end of the season and after each use.

2. Use Stabil with fuel and run it dry at the end of the season.

3. Only use fuel like Trufuel.

Kind of confusing. Can I use Sea Foam Motor Treatment instead of the Stabil in the 91 octane ethanol fuel and not run it dry after each use, and then run it dry at the end of season? Thanks.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Hi Bob – good question.

You can use Sea Foam Motor Treatment instead of Stabil, in the way you described in option 2. Sea Foam will keep the engine clean and prevent gum and varnish formation. Add at least 1 oz of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel. Running it dry at the end of the season is personal preference, but a few of us here at Sea Foam in Minnesota follow that routine.

That said, fresh fuel is always best if you are willing to get it. While running it dry after each use might be a little excessive, adding small amounts of fresh fuel every handful of storms would be the best case scenario. Up to you. I’d add Sea Foam either way, as it will do a good job keeping the engine clean and free from gum and varnish (which is what you’re really fighting).