Using Sea Foam Spray to solve run on and clean out carbon in my Porsche 356 A [SOLVED]

I have an air-cooled Porsche 356 A 1600cc engine that is running-on, which I believe is due to carbon build up in the chambers/piston heads. Can I use Sea Foam Spray to clean out the build up? Should this solve the run on problem?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Dan. Run-on is a condition caused by excessive carbon buildup inside the combustion chambers. As you know, when you shut off the engine, cylinders will continue to fire and sputter out. The carbon deposits act similar to hot charcoal that will cause ignition of fuel after the spark plugs stop firing. My recommendation is to do a series of Sea Foam Spray treatments through the intake to work away the harmful carbon. The frequency of treatments is up to you. Can do a treatment every day, once a week… Just keep at it until the run-on occurrences stop. In any case, you should notice progressive improvement every treatment.