How to eliminate stiction in Ford Power Stroke diesel oil using Sea Foam [SOLVED]

Is there a particular treatment amount for dealing with stiction in a Ford Power Stroke 6.0 diesel? Also, is the regular oil treatment (gas vehicles) and diesel oil treatment the same from Sea Foam?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Allec. Whether a gas or diesel engine, the oil treatment instructions are the same at 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of engine oil in the crankcase. You can add as much as 1.5 ounces per quart but don’t exceed. And yes, adding Sea Foam to diesel oil every interval will help to overcome and manage injector stiction.

1 month ago

How long do I run it in my 6.0 powerstroke? The life of the oil or right before the oil change?