Using Tran Tune to remove varnish from a Ford F250 with a Hydroboost system [SOLVED]

I have a 99 Ford F250 with a Hydroboost system. The pedal kicks back at me when making quick presses of the brake. I am told that is from contamination or varnish around the spool valve inside the Hydroboost. I have changed all of my hoses and flushed the system twice and installed a Magnefine filter, but still have kickback. Is the Trans Tune product what I should use to try to remove varnish from the system? Any advice?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Great question Mark. This is a great of example of how Trans Tune can be used to diagnose and hopefully overcome a fluid system problem caused by varnish. Our best advice is try it! If the current fluid level is not too great, add a whole can of Trans Tune and operate as normal to circulate the Trans Tune through the system to melt varnish as you go. Any improvement will be self-evident within a matter of days. It’s also fine to leave the Trans Tune in the fluid until next change interval. Hope it works!