Using Trans Tune to help a slipping transmission [SOLVED]

Will the Trans Tune product help a slipping transmission?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Matt. Yes, Trans Tune will help a slipping or rough shifting transmission if the problem is caused by sticky varnish.  As auto transmission fluid ages and breaks down, petroleum varnish starts to form on valve bodies, shift actuators and solenoid. When people experience shifting problems, they often think their transmission is failing when all they need to do is clean away the varnish that’s causing the problem (very common!).  You can spend around $10 on a can of Trans Tune, pour the whole can down the ATF dipstick filler neck, then drive for 30 to 100 miles to see if the slipping problem clears up.  Definitely worth a try! If it works, just leave it in until your next fluid change interval.