Using Trans Tune to remove moisture in my lawn mower hydraulic system [SOLVED]

I have a zero turn mower that has moisture in the hydraulic system. Will Trans Tune added to the system help dry it out? I have replaced the filters and oil twice and moisture keeps showing up?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Gary.  Based on your explanation it seems that you’re not getting all of the water out when draining the hydraulic fluid. So two things: Water will not mix with hydraulic fluid (it emulsifies until the water can settle at the lowest point in the hydraulic system). When draining systems, water can find a place to settle and stay unless it’s directed out the drain by gravity/tilting. [Consider draining with the mower at a grade – slowly turn the mower position 360 degrees after draining to see if more fluid will come out.] The second thing is yes, Trans Tune will work to break up and solubilize some of the water so it can suspend in the fluid and eventually dry. Another helper can be adding unsaturated isopropyl alcohol from a parts store, which will also suspend the moisture into the fluid phase.  This would be wise to do before draining the fluid.  Look for milky fluid to know your solution is working. Be sure to operate the system before draining so all the fluids can mix with the remaining water.