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What does Sea Foam do to clean an engine? [SOLVED]

What exactly does Sea Foam do? I have a ’07 Silverado 1500 LTZ with about 165,000 miles on it.

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Joe. ┬áThat might the best question a customer can ask! (??) It’s a great starting point, anyway.

Here’s an answer that could help a lot of people understand things better about fuel and oil matters:

Sea Foam is a blend of petroleum cleaning and lubricating oils. When added to fuel, Sea Foam cleans and lubricates fuel passageways (injectors, carburetors) and upper engine areas (upper cylinders, chambers, pistons & rings).

When added to oil it works to liquefy heavier oil forms and crankcase deposits back into fluid oil so the residue can drain away when replacing oil.

Fuel system problems start with suspended fuel gums (oxidized, unstable fuel molecules) that cause sticky varnish forms where unburned carbon ash can attach and build harmful engine deposits. Whether for use to stabilize fuel or as a regular cleaner and lubricant, Sea Foam does not allow gums and varnish to form, helping your engine run cleaner and last longer. Or, if your engine is running rough because gums and varnish have caused restrictions, Sea Foam will liquefy the gum and varnish to clean passageways.  Hope this helps!