What is the best way to clean fuel injectors using Sea Foam? [SOLVED]

What is the best place to add Sea Foam to clean fuel injectors?

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Jim D.
4 years ago

That’s a great question Terrance!  You asked for the best, so here it is:  The best/most effective way to use Sea Foam as a fuel injector cleaner is to add a high concentration directly into the fuel rail using a pressurized canister device.  Canisters are commonly used by auto shops and Sea Foam is safe and compatible with all of them. Consider that you’re running a 50/50 mix of Sea Foam and gasoline directly into the (gasoline) fuel rail and through the injectors while the engine is running. On a diesel canister you can run 100% Sea Foam into the rail. [A diesel engine will run on straight Sea Foam.]