How to clean a sticky lifter on my Ford FE 428 [SOLVED]

I have a freshly built Ford FE 428, and I think I have a varnished/sticky hydraulic roller lifter (they sat for 2-years before the motor was built). Before I pull the intake off and lifters out, I would like to try Sea Foam to clean them. I have only 400 miles on the build. Any concerns about ring seating or other potential issues with a fresh motor? Also, would I be OK to add the recommended amount directly on to the tops of the lifters, through the top of the head/intake? Thanks.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

No concerns Dan. Just pour Sea Foam in the crankcase and go.  If you’re going open things up you can try spraying the lifters directly with Sea Foam Spray. Sort of like a mini pressure washer!  The spray fluid that ends up in the crankcase will continue to work in the running motor.