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What is the difference between Sea Foam Spray and Deep Creep? [SOLVED]

What’s the difference between Deep Creep and Sea Foam Spray?
Deep Creep and Sea Foam used to be the same product but Deep Creep was in a spray can.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

You are correct Bob. Deep Creep used to be the same thing as Sea Foam but in a spray can. When Sea Foam Spray was added in 2009 (for cleaning upper engine areas through the intake), Deep Creep was reformulated to specialize as a penetrating lubricant. Even though the blend has the same base ingredients as Sea Foam Spray (and Sea Foam), Deep Creep will not ignite. If anyone is ever interested in learning to appreciate the lubricating capabilities of Sea Foam and Sea Foam Spray, buy a can of Deep Creep and not how awesome it works – thousands of shop and household uses!