What order should I use Sea Foam and Sea Foam Spray in for a full engine cleaning treatment? [SOLVED]

I want to do a full motor treatment at the 25,000 (3.6L V6) mile mark. In what order is best or can I do them simultaneously?

1) crank case treatment
2) gas tank treatment
3) top end intake cleaning treatment

In which order should these be done?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hey Eric. Great question and good plan!

You can do all three simultaneously. They will work great and won’t interfere with each other.

To get the most out of each treatment, here’s what I would do:

Gas tank: Wait until you have a low tank of fuel (less than 1/8 tank) before adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to your gas. Then, add a full can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment and drive at least 20 miles to let it work through the system before adding fresh fuel. Remember that Sea Foam is made from 100% petroleum ingredients that can’t harm your engine, so the high concentration is safe and works very well to clean the entire system.

Crankcase: While you can add Sea Foam to the oil at any time in the interval, I’d recommend adding it 100 to 300 miles before your next oil and filter change. As usual, watch the color of your oil and change it if it gets dirty.

Top end intake cleaning treatment: You can use Sea Foam Spray to clean the top end at any time!

Sounds like you’re on the right track to keep your engine running strong for a long time!