When is it best to use Sea Foam Marine Pro and Motor Treatment? [SOLVED]

Could you please tell me which is better for the 1989 twin 454s on my boat,  Marine PRO or Sea Foam Motor Treatment? And can I use it in my oil as well? If my boat has a 100 gallon gas tank, how much of the Sea Foam should I use in my gas tank. Thank you!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Those are great questions Jason. For starters, Marine PRO is our best product for marine gasoline fuel systems. Will also work great in the oil crankcases (Sea Foam, Marine PRO, and High Mileage are all great for oil). Another product you should consider is to run Sea Foam Spray into your carburetor intakes – works wonders to clean the upper engine!

Tip for adding to larger fuel tanks: If your tank holds 100 gallons, treating a full tank would require 4 cans of Marine PRO. For cleaning, it’s better to wait until your tank is low to add Marine PRO. If I had 4 cans, I’d wait to add when the tank gets as low as you’re willing to go…then add the 4 cans and run the engines at least 20 minutes with a high concentration before filling the tank. Hope this is helpful!