When to add Sea Foam to a 2013 Ford Edge [SOLVED]

I have a 2013 Ford Edge V6 engine and I’m overdue for an oil change. Should I get the oil changed and then wait a certain amount of time to add the Sea Foam or can I add the Sea Foam right before/after getting the oil change? I’m wanting to add the Sea Foam only to the gas tank so does it even matter when I get the oil change or not?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

That’s a great question, Trisha. The quick answer is that it does not matter when you add Sea Foam to fuel, though a lot of people treat their gas tank with Sea Foam around the time of an oil change, making it easy to remember.  One quick tip is to add the whole can when the tank is low to max the cleaning concentration. Be sure to drive a bit before adding more tank fuel.