Will Sea Foam help reduce oil burning? [SOLVED]

I recently bought a 2004 Toyota Solara with the 2.4L engine, which I learned is known for oil consumption due to poor oil ring design. Evidently the oil rings collect goop residue if not maintained properly. Within three months time I have gone through a quart each month. For every 1000 miles driven, I have gone through three quarts of oil. I have watched a few YouTube videos of various products poured in each cylinder. I learned once the oil rings lose their ability to expand and scrape oil off the cylinder walls, oil will bypass and find its way around the two compression rings and will get burned in the cylinder on the intake and compression strokes of the pistons. Will adding this product into the oil crankcase before an oil change help to open the gunk in the oil rings so the oil consumption is reduced? What would you recommend? Can I add more than one ounce per quart of oil capacity? Thanks.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Hi Jan.  That’s a lot of oil burning!  Adding half a can of Sea Foam or High Mileage (what I would use) during every oil interval will progressively help to reliquefy the heavier oil residue that’s plugging up your Toyota’s oil flow. You did not mention the mileage on your Solara… If high miles, you may also be dealing with worn compression rings that would allow oil to end up in the combustion chambers. In any case, keep adding half a can to your oil each interval and pay attention to oil consumption.

Here is an article that will help explain oil burning and how Sea Foam helps: https://seafoamworks.com/stop-the-smoke-cures-for-burning-oil/