Which Sea Foam product for intake valve cleaning? [SOLVED]

I have a question. I own a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo 3.5L that is direct injected and I need to know if your Sea Foam liquid motor treatment will clean the carbon deposited areas in the engine or is it not designed for that and will simply just burn off because I know that if a fuel injector cleaner does not contain P.E.A. then it will just burn off? I have read and watched the video about the spray for GDI but I am wondering which one should I use the Motor Treatment or spray? Thanks so much, Lenny.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Lenny,

Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray will clean different parts of the engine. Sea Foam Motor Treatment will clean areas where the fuel flows (fuel injectors), while Sea Foam Spray through the air intake will clean and lubricate intake valves and chamber deposits where fuel can’t reach. It’s especially important for GDI engines since the fuel doesn’t flow over the intake valves and the Spray through the air intake is a great way to reach them.

What I’d do: Add a full can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to a low tank of fuel (1/8 tank or less) and drive as long as you’re able before refueling. Then do a Sea Foam Spray treatment to clean the carbon deposits from the intake valves.

About PEA (polyether amine): Sea Foam products do not contain PEA. Reason 1) is Sea Foam doesn’t need it, 2) because small amounts of PEA would be like cleaning school bus window with an eye dropper. [PEA works, but you need a ton of it to be effective. There’s not enough PEA in most products to cause any cleaning. See marketing hype.]