Which Sea Foam product for cleaning injectors [SOLVED]

I have a Chevy Malibu 2016 with 104k miles and I want clean the injectors. What product is better to use – the Concentrated Fuel injector Cleaner (IC5), Sea Foam Motor Treatment (SF16), or High Mileage (HM16)?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Edmundo – good question!

Any of those would work to clean the injectors in your Malibu.

IC5 is formulated to just clean injectors, while Sea Foam Motor Treatment cleans injectors along with the entire fuel system. High Mileage does everything Sea Foam Motor Treatment does, but it’s formulated to clean heavy deposits and residues in higher mileage engines after years of buildup (it’s a strong cleaner!).

All three would work, but if I had to pick my favorite would be High Mileage! Add a full can to a low tank of fuel (1/4 tank or less) and drive until almost empty before refueling. That gives the High Mileage time to work through the entire fuel system, and the high concentration works very well to clean.

Hope that helps!