Will Sea Foam clean my Arctic Cat Z 570 LX carburetor? [SOLVED]

Hello Jim,

I have a 2006 Artic Cat Z 570 LX snowmobile (2 stroke/oil injected) that sat for 5 years. The gas smelled like varnish, so I drained the gas tank, cleaned the tank and replaced the fuel line in the tank as the line was disintegrating. I put new gas in the tank and the snowmobile does run but it runs rough. Considering the aforementioned, and the fact it runs rough, I am quite sure the carb is all gummed up / varnished. Will Sea Foam clean my carb (and other components) well enough or do I need to take the carb apart and clean it by hand? Additionally, what are your recommendations to best clean the carburetor (and other components) to resolve the problem?

Thank you!


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Great question Bruce. Yes, Sea Foam will work great to clean out your carburetor circuits. There should also be no need for removal. If you filled the tank, add one can of Sea Foam and run it as normal until you get to a low amount of fuel. Once the fuel is low, add another can and ride/run the engine so the higher cleaning concentration can clean better and faster (before adding more fuel). At that point you should have a pretty decent idea about whether Sea Foam took care of the varnish. Hope this helps and have fun riding!