Sea Foam and Toro 2-stroke snowblower oil & fuel pre-mix [SOLVED]

I read this from Sea Foam to clean my snow blower tank and carburetor – (Toro S-200 2 cycle / oil & gas mix) “remove the old fuel from the tank, then drain the fuel from the carburetor (usually a screw) add a cleaning dosage of Sea Foam to an empty tank followed by a small amount of fresh fuel.” Since I need oil and gas mix, can I use this mix when I add it to the Sea Foam? Also can I add Sea Foam to my mix in my storage container and should I do so?

Thanks – Steve

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question Steve. Yes, you always need to include oil when adding fuel to a 2-stroke that requires an oil mixture. Sea Foam is not a substitute for engine oil. And yes, same applies to adding Sea Foam to stored pre-mix fuel.