Will Sea Foam help with stuck rings? [SOLVED]

Will Sea Foam Motor Treatment help with stuck rings?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

There are a couple ways Sea Foam products could help with stuck rings. Check out the link at the bottom for some ideas.

Here’s a recap:

First, you can add High Mileage Motor Treatment (1 oz per quart of oil) to the oil crankcase. To clean from the topside, I would remove the plugs, spray a healthy burst of Sea Foam Spray into each cylinder cavity. With Sea Foam Spray soaking on the tops of the pistons, let the engine sit with the plugs out for 3 days. Each day add another burst of spray to each cylinder and crank the engine for a few seconds to move things around. After 3 days, put the plugs back in and start it up. Repeat the whole process on occasion to help clean more of the ring buildup as you go.