Will Trans Tune flash off or boil off in transmission fluid? [SOLVED]

I’m working on a 2004 Honda Pilot 3.5L V6 with the Honda BVGA 5-Speed Automatic Transmission 170,000miles, assuming previous owners never had the transmission serviced. I did three seperate drain and fills with full synthetic universal import ATF fluid…

That was 500 miles ago, thus 85+% is new fluid.

Today I added 16 oz of SEA FOAM TRAN TUNE, then after driving 50 miles is much smoother, quite impressed.

I plan to do a succession of more drain and fills after having the TRANS TUNE at around 300 miles.

I understand that I can add the whole can and leave it their as a conditioner.

My question is: Knowing that TRANS TUNE has a much lower flashpoint, will your product flash off or boil off in a transmission over time at normal operating temperatures, such that eventually I will lose the original 16 oz of volume???

Glad to say that SEA FOAM offers such amazing and very SAFE products.

Thank you!


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Great description and question, Tony. Trans Tune will blend evenly with the Honda’s ATF and remain for the life of the fluid. Considering a transmission heats to a bit over 100F, Trans Tune will NOT flash/evaporate or boil off. A low flashpoint has more to do with whether a fluid’s vapor will ignite at a low temperature.