What type of gas should I use with Sea Foam? [SOLVED]

My question is about Sea Foam and what gasoline to use. My son gave me his older car and swears by using Sea Foam. He told me to use premium gas when I add it, although regular is normally what I use. Does it really matter or benefit in any way to use premium gas with Sea Foam?   Thank You VERY much!!!  The car is a 2001 Toyota Corolla LE.

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Annette.  We get a lot of questions about octane.  Answer: No, using premium gas (or non-premium) has nothing to do with how Sea Foam works.  It could be that your son realized better results with premium, but would not be related to how Sea Foam works.  The differences between premium vs. non-premium grades of fuel has to do with additives added to premium and that premium’s octane is usually a few points higher. Octane is a matter of compression/combustion, so it could be that the Toyota engine is responding favorably to the higher octane. Hope this helps!