The best way to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to your engine [SOLVED]

I see that it’s suggested to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment when the tank is low, and drive about 20 miles. Does that have to all be done in one trip?? I live about 9 miles from work – can I add before leaving, and the 9 miles to work, 8 hour break, then 9 miles back have the same efficiency?? Thanks!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

You have the hang of it David. Your description is consistent with the idea to add Sea Foam when the tank is low. Keep in mind that we’re offering a general recommendation to help conceptualize how a higher cleaning concentration (add to lower amount of fuel) is different than adding the same amount of Sea Foam to a full tank (or greater amount of fuel). Keep in mind that this is just a helpful rule if wanting to increase the cleaning concentration.